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„Things are about to get a little less awesome”

Look at your smart phone or your tablet. Some of the best apps out there are free programs that bring down walls, connecting you to businesses and information that generally makes you life easier or more enjoyable, whether it’s finding transportation, ordering dinner, or naming a song. Many of these companies either have no business model, or have a business model so thin as to be practically imperceptible to its users. In some corners, this is a mockable fact, but rather than mock it, you should stop and appreciate how amazing this is: Some of the smartest and most creative entrepreneurs and developers of our generation are dedicated to making awesome stuff for you, and, bankrolled by deep-pocketed venture capitalists, their determining business metric was not „How will you make money from credit cards and marketing departments?” but rather: How many millions of people are you delighting with your exceptionally cheap product? It is hard to imagine an industry built on a more satisfying premise for customers.

If we’re graduating from the „making delightful and cheap things” stage of the social media age to the „making money” stage, make no mistake: Things will get less delightful. In order to be profitable, it is highly likely that Twitter can only get more annoying, Pandora can only get more interrupt-y, Tumblr can only get more cluttered, Facebook can only get more devious, and the app baubles on your iPhone can only get more expensive.

The first few years of the social media revolution have been a golden age of tech utilitarianism, where maximizing users’ delight was considered, quite literally, the only currency that mattered. In Part II of the revolution, the desired currency is poised to change from attention to profit. That’s a shame. It doesn’t mean that the programs you love are anywhere close to coming to an end. It just means that things are about to get a little less awesome.

Why the Social Media Revolution Is About to Get a Little Less Awesome


Copy Paste din anuntul de acum 4 ani:

– designeri cu experienta in web si BUNI. nu vrem freelanceri, vrem sa va avem aici langa noi, sa venim la voi din 5 in 5 minute sa va intrebam daca e gata, sa va “capiem” cu cerintele noastre stupide;

– html-isti BUNI. buni, buni … atat de buni incat programatorii sa le accepte html-urile fara sa aiba ce comenta.
pt toate cele 3 2 categorii cautam si juniori cu potential de crestere (cuminti, modesti, dornici sa stea pe langa “seniori” si sa invete). nu vrem mediocritate, daca ai deja +2-3 ani vechime si nu esti deja bun/foarte bun in domeniul in care activezi nu ne cauta.

iti oferim tot/TOT/tOt/ToT/tOT/Tot/TOt/ ceea ce vrei tu, normal, in conditiile noastre

+ posibilitatea de a lucra pe proiecte speciale, aplicatii de facebook, siteuri vizibile in .ro si adresa de mail la :D.

cv-urile/mailurile la hr at m punct ro.

Schimbari la Ringier

Andrei Frunza a preluat managementul, siteul achitizionat de Ringier in primavara acestui an, in locul lui, pentru a coordona vanzarile de publicitate online pe siteurile Ringier + parteneri, a venit Serban Manea, ex Netalurgica, ex Kanal D, ex Arbomedia.

„Amazon Play”

It’s a heads we win, tails you lose strategy. That’s the brilliance. If you buy an iPad but use Amazon’s iOS apps to read Kindle books and watch movies through your Amazon Prime account, Apple wins but so too does Amazon. If you buy a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad, Apple gets nothing. Amazon wins so long as you consume media content from Amazon, no matter if you play it on a Kindle Fire or an iPad. Apple only wins if you buy an iPad.

Om Malik argues that Bezos is the inheritor to Steve Jobs’s crown. I agree. Not because Bezos has copied anything Jobs did, but because he has not. What he’s done that is Jobs-like is doggedly pursue, year after year, iteration after iteration, a vision unlike that of any other company — all in the name of making customers happy.

Foarte bun articolul, de citit si interviul cu Bezos din ATD

Schimbari mari la Goldbach

Una dintre cele mai importante regii de publicitate online (nu ca ar mai fi ramas foarte multe), Goldbach (ex ArboInteractive), trece printr-un proces de schimbare a echipei de management dupa ce, in ultimele 3 luni, a pierdut doi din oamenii de top management, Clement Nicolaescu, fost director executiv, (plecat in vara pentru a se dedica proiectelor personale) si Cosmin Otel, director executiv, director de vanzari, plecat zilele trecute. Din „vechea garda” a mai ramas Calin Rotarus, unul dintre „veteranii” regiei/pietei, cel care alaturi de Alex Visa a infiintat departamentul de online in vechea regie Arbomedia.

Goldbach vinde publicitatea pe siteuri importante din .ro precum cele de la iMedia (, Cinemagia, Automarket), Hotnews sau Softpedia.

Reprezentantul elvetienilor de la Goldbach in Romania este a fost pana anul trecut Thomas Landolt, fost General Manager la Ringier Romania, in acest moment fiind Kirsten Drössel.

Tweet-ul zilei

De aici

„My Richness is Life, forever”

Interviewer: Do you Make a lot of Money out? of your music ?

Bob Marley: Money ? How Much is a lot of Money to You?

Interviewer :Yes That is a Good Question. Let’s say Have You made Millions of Dollars?

Bob Marley: Naa

Interviewer: Are You a Rich Man?

Bob Marley : What do you mean rich? What mean you mean rich?

Interviewer: Do you have a lot of Possession. A lot of Money In the Bank ?

Bob Marley : Possession making Rich ? I don’t have that type of richness. My Richness is Life, forever.

Top 20 orase „ciripitoare”

Daca mergeti la sursa veti gasi si top 20 tari, cu niste prezente surprinzatoare pe locurile 10-13 (ok, poate Turcia e normal sa fie acolo).

Cum e cu donatiile

Nu stiu daca urmariti politica americana, in aceasta noapte s-a terminat si conventia Democratilor (cea a Republicanilor a fost saptamana trecuta), se intra in linie dreapta pentru alegerile din noiembrie. Mai jos, cine cat a donat pentru cei doi candidati la presedintie, interesant ca la Romney topul e dominat de banci.


Declaratiile zilei


Ca urmare, Adev?rul este cel mai credibil organ din mass media ?i cea mai mare platform? de con?inut din România.

Peter Imre, director general Adevarul Holding intr-un interviu pentru Reporter Virtual


Cred c? Adev?rul Holding este o fabric? de con?inut care poate constitui o baz? fantastic? pentru tot ce înseamn? con?inut digital, foto, video etc. Cred c? avem cea mai mare fabric? de con?inut din România care poate merge c?tre toate ecranele: computer, tablet?, Ipad, TV.

Cristian Burci, intr-un interviu pentru Pagina de Media

Altfel, despre posibila tranzactie prin care Cristian Burci va deveni proprietarul Adevarul Holding puteti citi pe PaginadeMedia, varianta soap sau pe, varianta news.