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It’s a heads we win, tails you lose strategy. That’s the brilliance. If you buy an iPad but use Amazon’s iOS apps to read Kindle books and watch movies through your Amazon Prime account, Apple wins but so too does Amazon. If you buy a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad, Apple gets nothing. Amazon wins so long as you consume media content from Amazon, no matter if you play it on a Kindle Fire or an iPad. Apple only wins if you buy an iPad.

Om Malik argues that Bezos is the inheritor to Steve Jobs’s crown. I agree. Not because Bezos has copied anything Jobs did, but because he has not. What he’s done that is Jobs-like is doggedly pursue, year after year, iteration after iteration, a vision unlike that of any other company — all in the name of making customers happy.

Foarte bun articolul, de citit si interviul cu Bezos din ATD

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  1. Dan spune:

    Desigur, exist? ?i opinii diferite. Chiar radical diferite… :)

    This is what Amazon is really building with its hardware devices: not just an „ecosystem,” but a perverse distortion of reality where what we’d usually think of as invasive and unnatural tries to come off as part of a normal shopping experience.

    Joshua Kopstein în The Verge

    Cert e c? modelul hardware-as-service e din ce în ce mai greu de ignorat.

  2. orlando spune:

    Intotdeauna vor exista opinii diferite, pe de alta parte Bezos a pus la punct un sistem de ecommerce aproape de perfectiune, a setat un nivel la care toata lumea ar trebui sa tinda sa ajunga.

  3. Dan spune:

    True. Cred c? a atins culmea.

    Adic? oamenii îi dau bani ca s? fie l?sa?i s? cheltuie la el în magazin ?i în plus Bezos le mai vinde ?i publicitate. (Nu lor le vinde, pe ei îi vinde, dar a?i prins ideea.)

    Nu cred c? se poate mai mult de atât.

    PS Cheia succesului în dot.com e s? ?i se termine numele în „s”: Jobs, Bezos, Gates… :)

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