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Asa se lupta cu pirateria

1. Piata:

Brazil has long been a haven for movie piracy.
A government study found that 41% of Brazilian internet users have downloaded content illegally from the internet.
Piracy is also prevalent on the streets – with DVDs being openly sold in most commercial places and roads, and even outside movie theatres.

2. Motivele:

The region was chosen for three primary reasons – broadband penetration was considered big enough as a market, incomes at the time were rising rapidly, and there was an appetite for Hollywood content.
Netflix’s chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland says there was another important reason that facilitated their entry.
„In Europe you have to buy individual content licences for every movie or TV show in each country, such as France, Germany or Spain,” he says.
„In Latin America, you only need to two licenses – one for all Spanish-speaking countries and another one for Brazil.”

3. Strategia de pret:

„If you offer good content at low prices and rapidly – releasing series in the same moment in Brazil as people are getting them in the US – that makes piracy less enticing,” says Mr Friedland.
One of the key elements in its strategy is pricing. Netflix subscriptions in Brazil vary from 19.90 to 29.90 reais ($5 to $7.50; £3 to £4.60) a month. One movie ticket alone in Sao Paulo costs 30 reais ($7.50).
For that same amount of money you can buy about 10 illegal DVDs in the streets, but the quality is not always reliable.
And while many Brazilians illegally download films and TV shows, others are either not technologically savvy enough to do so, or are too concerned about computer viruses and malware.
For commentator Sergio Branco, director at the academic think tank Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro, Netflix’s low prices is a key factor behind its success, making it more attractive to users than online piracy.

4. Rezultatul:

Mr Friedland adds that when Netflix enters a country, the rates of internet file sharing drop.
„Most people don’t want to steal,” he says. „They don’t want viruses in their computers, they don’t want the hassle of it.”

Totul de aici.

Tweetul diminetii

Doua cifre de la noi


Retailerul online eMAG, de?inut de Dante International, estimeaz? vânz?ri de 205 milioane de lei de Black Friday, în 20 noiembrie, în cre?tere cu 24% fa?? de anul 2014, afirm? Iulian Stanciu, unul dintre ac?ionarii Dante International.

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PayU Romania se a?teapt? s? proceseze tranzac?ii de 450 milioane de lei în ziua de vineri, 20 noiembrie, declarat? de majoritatea partenerilor companiei Black Friday, a anun?at integratorul de tranzac?ii online.

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Cum sa faci un miliard de dolari in cateva luni

Tiger Global, unul din fondurile Tiger (remember si remember) a cumparat actiuni Amazon care i-au adus un profit de un miliard USD in cateva luni:

The share price low for the quarter was $437.39, meaning the new shares must have cost at least $1.1 billion.

On September 30, the last day of the third quarter, Amazon’s shares were trading at $511.89, valuing Tiger Global’s stake at $1.63 billion.

So far, Tiger Global’s bet has paid off.

The stock closed at $647.81 per share on Monday, valuing the position at $2.1 billion.


To clickbait or not to clickbait

This is the question.

Studiu de caz pe Voetbal International, un site olandez despre fotbal:

– in martie au decis sa reduca cu o treime cele 140 milioane pagini generate lunar

– motivul: „to ensure it runs fewer, better-quality ads”

– rezultatul?

By upping the overall quality of inventory on which advertisers can bid in real-time auction environments, it no longer gets “lousy” ads coming through on its sites, and advertisers are willing to pay higher rates for better, albeit fewer, impressions

Asta se cheama sa ai o strategie.


Alibaba vs restul lumii

Vanzarile Alibaba pentru ziua de ieri, comparatia cu veniturile Facebook pentru tot anul 2014 mi se pare cea mai potrivita:


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In cat timp poti face vanzari de 5 miliarde dolari?

90 de minute:

Alibaba said in a statement midday Tuesday (early morning in China) that gross merchandise volume through its payment service Alipay exceeded $5 billion in the first 90 minutes of Singles’ Day. And more than 70% of that came from Alibaba’s mobile sites.

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Google vs facebook, faza pe conversii

Cresc investitiile clientilor in facebook, cresc si conversiile?

For example, type “Cheap tickets to Rome, December 24” into Google and it means you’re looking to buy tickets. On Facebook or other social networks, however, few people show that sort of intent, because they’re not searching those sites for travel deals. With Facebook, a user could mention Rome, but that doesn’t mean they’re flying there on December 24. Ultimately, would like to work with other partners to find ad products that pull that sort of specificity.

Sursa:, largest Google advertiser: Facebook hasn’t ‘cracked the code’ on direct response

Rezultate Facebook, Q3 2015

– Venituri in crestere, 41%, enorm, de la 3.2 miliarde USD la 4.5 miliarde USD

– 3.4 miliarde USD, adica 78%!!! sunt generate de mobil

– 896 milioane USD profit, in crestere cu 11%

– Costurile au crescut cu 68%

– 2.5 milioane advertiseri in Septembrie, mai mult cu 25% fata de februarie

– 1.55 miliarde useri

– Un utilizator din SUA si Canada genereaza, in medie, 10.49 USD per trimestru, media globala este de 2.97 USD

– 8 miliarde vizualizari de video pe zi


Activision Blizzard va plati 5.9 miliarde USD pe King Digital, producatorii Candy Crush.

Microsoft a platit 2.5 miliarde USD pentru Minecraft

Disney a platit 4 miliarde USD pentru Marvel

Disney a platit 4 miliarde USD pentru LucasFilm/Star Wars