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Q3: Rezultate Microsoft/Samsung


Microsoft: 23.2 miliarde USD in crestere de la +18 miliarde cat au avut in Q3 2013 (s-au adaugat veniturile din telefoanele mobile ex Nokia)
Samsung: 45.1 miliarde USD


Microsoft: 4.5 miliarde USD
Samsung: 4 miliarde USD (cel mai scazut profit din ultimii 3 ani, scadere de aproape 60% fata de perioada similara a anului trecut)

Q3: Rezultate Google Apple Facebook Amazon Yahoo Twitter


Apple: 42.12 miliarde USD
Amazon: 20.58 miliarde USD
Google: 16.52 miliarde USD
Facebook: 3.2 miliarde USD
Yahoo: 1.15 miliarde USD
Twitter: 361 milioane USD


Apple: 8.47 miliarde USD
Yahoo: 6.77 miliarde USD dar 6.3 miliarde vin din vanzarea partiala a actiunilor Ali Baba
Google: 2.81 miliarde USD
Facebook: 806 milioane USD
Twitter: minus 175.5 milioane USD
Amazon: minus 437 milioane USD

Apple vs Google

Apple CEO Tim Cook:

„We don’t read your messages, we don’t know your search terms, we don’t know the temperature in your room”

Julian Assange intr-un „rechizitoriu” dur la adresa Google:

In 2003 the US National Security Agency (NSA) had already started systematically violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) under its director General Michael Hayden.49 These were the days of the “Total Information Awareness” program.50 Before PRISM was ever dreamed of, under orders from the Bush White House the NSA was already aiming to “collect it all, sniff it all, know it all, process it all, exploit it all.”51 During the same period, Google—whose publicly declared corporate mission is to collect and “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”52—was accepting NSA money to the tune of $2 million to provide the agency with search tools for its rapidly accreting hoard of stolen knowledge.53

$50 de miliarde

50 miliarde USD a platit Google in ultimii 10 ani siteurilor partenere care ruleaza reclame de la ei. E o suma importanta, cam 20-25% din PIB-ul Romaniei pe un an, ce s-a dus direct in dezvoltarea online-ului, ajutandu-l sa atinga la nivelul de astazi.

Prin 2006-2007 spuneam ca marele merit al celor de la Google este ca au readus, prin performantele lor, internetul in fata investitorilor dupa bubble 1.0. Astazi e clar ca Google finanteaza cateva milioane de siteuri ce depind de veniturile generate de gigantul din Mountain View. Ca intre timp a devenit un monopol pe online advertising e alta discutie. Azi ii laudam :) si asteptam sa vedem ce va face Facebook cu adnetwork-ul lor. Pentru ca e nevoie de concurenta in domeniu. Si pentru ca numarul de site-uri/afisari worldwide creste mult mai repede decat poate Google acoperi cu publicitate. Ceea ce inseamna ca pretul scade. Dar despre rezultatele Google pe ultimul trimestru intr-un post separat.

HBO se rupe de „cablisti”

Stirea zilei de ieri vine de la HBO, de anul viitor HBO Go va fi un serviciu independent la care va putea avea acces oricine, probabil pentru inceput doar in SUA, indiferent daca are sau nu abonament HBO printr-un „cablist”. Lansat initial ca un serviciu complementar postului tv, HBO Go se rupe de cablu si se duce dupa Netflix sau Amazon. Poate putin cam tarziu, dupa parerea mea.

Tot ieri Netflix a anuntat rezultate sub asteptari pe ultimul trimestru, doar 980,000 abonati noi in SUA (vs 1.33 mil cat erau estimarile) si 2.04 mil abonati noi internationali (vs 2.36 mil).

Tweetul diminetii

Tot despre paywall


SULLIVAN: We currently have 30,200 paying auto-renewing subscribers. Our monthly traffic is between 700,000 to a million uniques, our subscription renewal rate is 83 percent. We also have a pay-what-you want model above a certain baseline. The average subscription when we launched was $34; this year it went up to $39, but with fewer subscribers.


SULLIVAN: I think the only future for journalism is reader revenue. Without it, you are in danger of becoming a public relations or advertising company disguised as journalism, like Buzzfeed and even The Guardian. Buzzfeed is really an ad agency with some journalistic window dressing. They’re not the future of journalism; they’re the marginalization of it. And The New York Times, alas, is following suit with merry abandon.


SULLIVAN: The best is the real independence to say what I think and believe without any constraints—from publishers, advertisers and the like. The worst is producing up to 40 posts a day with a tiny staff of eight bloggers and researchers, while also having to manage the business side. The editors have to do payroll, budgets, health insurance all that stuff. We’re all constantly exhausted and after 14 years of daily blogging, the stamina required to keep it up is immense.

De aici.

Metropotam testeaza paywall-ul

Interesant, mi se pare mie sau e primul site dintr-o alta categorie de content decat stiri care trece la paywall in ultimii ani? Dilema si Catavencu tot la stiri le-am trecut :)

Ca sa devii membru metropotam va trebui sa platesti o taxa de:

39 lei pe 3 luni
59 lei pe 6 luni
99 lei pe 12 luni
… adica mai putin de 10 lei pe luna. Adica vreo 2 beri. Sau o shaorma. Sau mai putin decat un pachet de tigari. Sau si mai putin decat un bilet la film sau teatru. Sau si mai putin decat o cartela pe-o luna la metrou sau RATB.

De aici. Bafta!

10 ani de Business Magazin


La multi ani! Cititi-le povestile aici, aici, aici si aici, merita.


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