Tot despre paywall


SULLIVAN: We currently have 30,200 paying auto-renewing subscribers. Our monthly traffic is between 700,000 to a million uniques, our subscription renewal rate is 83 percent. We also have a pay-what-you want model above a certain baseline. The average subscription when we launched was $34; this year it went up to $39, but with fewer subscribers.


SULLIVAN: I think the only future for journalism is reader revenue. Without it, you are in danger of becoming a public relations or advertising company disguised as journalism, like Buzzfeed and even The Guardian. Buzzfeed is really an ad agency with some journalistic window dressing. They’re not the future of journalism; they’re the marginalization of it. And The New York Times, alas, is following suit with merry abandon.


SULLIVAN: The best is the real independence to say what I think and believe without any constraints—from publishers, advertisers and the like. The worst is producing up to 40 posts a day with a tiny staff of eight bloggers and researchers, while also having to manage the business side. The editors have to do payroll, budgets, health insurance all that stuff. We’re all constantly exhausted and after 14 years of daily blogging, the stamina required to keep it up is immense.

De aici.

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