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David Tisch has been quietly working on a project called Jello Labs for over a year. He hasn’t said much about what the product will be, other than that it involves mobile commerce. However, today we can shed a bit more light on the super stealth project. For one, the product is actually called Spring, with Jello Labs being more of a company name or a placeholder name.

Secondly, the company has secured a $7.5 million Series A round led by Thrive Capital, Groupe Arnault, and Box Group, wiht participation form 41 other VCs and angel investors. Previous to the Series A round, Tisch was providing runway for the startup out of his own pocket.

Spring was co-founded by David Tisch (who is chairman of the board) and his brother Alan Tisch, who has taken the position of CEO. Other founding members of the team include Octavian Costache (an ex-Googler who will be taking over the CTO position) and Ara Katz (who will be leading marketing efforts as CMO).

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