„Ad Blocks’ Doomsday Scenarios”

For publishers, ad blockers are the elephant in the room: Everybody sees them, no one talks about it. The common understanding is that the first to speak up will be dead as it will acknowledge that the volume of ads actually delivered can in fact be 30% to 50% smaller than claimed — and invoiced. Publishers fear retaliation from media buying agencies — even though the ad community is quick to forget that it dug its own grave by flooding the web with intolerable amounts of promotional formats.

De aici.

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  1. Victor Dulu spune:

    Noi la Mobile247 deja am inceput sa mergem mai mult pe link-uri afiliate, e mai sigur, au rata de click dubla.
    Cu un script bun de inserare automata si a link-urilor random supravietuiesti.

  2. Mihai spune:

    Probabil vom avea mai mult con?inut pl?tit.

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