The design is great; the user experience seems so very meh. This is not an aid to living. It is a supercomplication.

Most of this is not Apple’s fault. Watches are great to glance at for a second — Apple has done well to call its brief notifications Glances — but rather annoying to hold to your face for longer. Your wrist gets tired. The screen is tiny. Your phone is beckoning, and it’s right there in your pocket.

Peering at your watch is not cool; culturally, it signifies that you are bored and restless with where you are, and are wondering whether it’s time to go. Talking into your watch is certainly not cool. If someone forced me to use this thing, I’m sure I would find myself unstrapping it from my wrist most of the time, which defeats the purpose.

Apple Watch: Nope, not buying it

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  1. Dragos spune:

    Aparent ceasul in sine nu e mare lucru insa deschide o noua cutie a Pandorei:


    Daca n-ai rabdare:

    „Of course, ResearchKit is open-source, so pharmaceutical companies might actually prefer to get in on the action directly. So far, there doesn’t appear to be anything stopping Merck or Pfizer from building an app using ResearchKit and submitting it to the App Store (The Verge contacted Apple to inquire about this yesterday and today, but we have yet to hear back). In that case, these apps would essentially provide a portal for pharmaceutical companies wishing to gather personal health information from iPhone users — and profit from it.”

  2. George spune:

    „Peering at your watch is not cool”

    Da, ca statul cu ochii in smartphone denota un oarecare rafinament newage :)

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