Facebook, love and hate

Developers are critical to Facebook because their content makes up a large share of posts that populate the social network, helping to attract new members and keep users engaged. Zynga Inc.’s social games on Facebook, for instance, drew tens of millions of people during Facebook’s earlier years and kept users clicking.

But as Facebook becomes a bigger business, it is struggling to balance developers, advertisers and its own new products—such as its stand-alone messaging apps and voice calling—that may compete with those of third-party developers.

Facebook is also aggressively expanding into new verticals—and squashing developers who compete in those areas, said some developers.

Un articol care surprinde cum a evoluat „relatia” dintre dezvoltatori si facebook, in special dupa listare. Ne-am lovit si noi, de mai multe ori, de aceasta problema dupa ce aplicatiile dezvoltate pentru facebook au fost blocate fara nici un motiv + ceea ce e mai grav, contul pe care aveam puse toate aplicatiile a fost blocat.

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