Ce mai poti face pe Facebook

Pentru $250/luna poti inchiria o prietena falsa:

But no, it’s the copy that the site Fake Internet Girlfriend uses to pitch their service – in response to a rhetorical „Why rent an online girlfriend?” Said service involves a quasi-fraudulent Facebook account that will declare itself „In a relationship” with you. It will also post syrupy missives on your wall, and send you messages at times apropos of your proclivities. All for a minimum three-month $750 commitment.

Intimate as that sounds, the relationship is never anything but online. The operator of said Facebook account is indeed a real woman (supposedly) who knows real things about her patron, but nary the twain shall meet.

The company says that some people hire fake girlfriends for purposes of invoking jealousy in exes; others for reasons related to their jobs. Most troubling, they also suggest using the service to deflect suspicion of homosexuality.

De aici: Should You Buy a Facebook Girlfriend?

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