Patru despre bubble

1. Marc Andreessen – „If we’re in a bubble, it’s the weirdest bubble I’ve ever seen, where everybody hates everything.” De aici

2. Paul Kedrosky, VC/Antreprenor – “It serves the interest of the investors who can come up with whatever valuation they want when there are no revenues. Once there is no revenue, there is no science, and it all just becomes finger in the wind valuations.” De aici

3. Chris Dixon – „The argument that sometimes startups get better valuations without revenue is somewhat true. As Josh Koppelman said “There’s nothing like numbers to screw up a good story.” This is driven by the psychology of venture investors who are sometimes able to justify a higher price to “buy the dream” than the same price to “buy the numbers.” This doesn’t mean the investors think they will invest and then get some greater fool to invest in the company again. For instance, at the seed stage, intelligent investors are quite aware that they are buying the dream but will need to have numbers to raise a Series A.” De aici

4. Dmitry Shapiro CEO of Anybeat – „I think it is also important to look at human resource factors when thinking of this. Some of you on this thread are responsible for convincing very young people to pursue entrepreneurship, arguably WAY before they are ready. They are taught some basic skills, given a little grooming to make them attractive to follow on investors, and sent to try to run through a wall. The tiny few that succeed are placed on a pedestal and hailed as gods, while the rest are left to fend for themselves. It is getting harder and harder to find engineers that want to join a company, as all are being sold that they should be the ones that are founding the companies, creating a dangerous dynamic.” De aici – de citit toata discutia

Bonus: Tech Bubble? Why It’s Different This Time

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  1. Nicu Alecu spune:

    When in doubt, fall back to ancient popular wisdom: if it’s too good to be true …

  2. Florin O. spune:

    Pana si Isaac Newton si-a pierdut o mare parte din avere pe bursa de Londra cu South Sea Company. Cred ca asta ar fi trebuit sa fie prima. Omul care s-a prins de gravitatie nu s-a prins de o bula si si-a pierdut si banii si mintile dupa aia.

    „I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”

  3. Adinel spune:

    “WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY… AND HE IS US”: Lessons from Twenty Years of the Kauffman Foundation’s Investments in Venture Capital Funds and The Triumph of Hope over Experience,
    May 2012
    Merita o privire amanuntita…

  4. Orlando spune:

    Le-am scris in aceeasi zi sau pe acolo doar ca eu am mai tinut articolul in draft cateva zile

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