Dilema lui Sergey Brin

Am folosit titlul original desi mai corect era „Ipocrizia lui Sergey Brin” sau „Naivitatea lui Sergey Brin”

Sergey Brin warns about the danger of government monitoring but everything that Google does to improve Internet commerce could be used to pursue political dissent.

“Big Brother” is already here, it’s just masquerading as “Big Sales Assistant.”

Yet, despite his concern about people’s freedom and the government monitoring of Internet users, which Mr Brin describes as “dangerous,” Google has made itself into a one-stop data warehouse housing the single largest collection of identifiable data about nearly every Internet user that ever lived. Why subpoena 50 companies when one will do?

Google has become the single largest potential storehouse of data about political dissent yet it has done little to make sure that data can’t be used for harmful purposes.

It’s paradoxical that the US government has fined Google several times for collecting private data when it’s precisely that type of data that would be useful to an oppressive government.

There are other inconsistencies in what it says and does. Google found a way around South Korea’s law that mandates Internet companies collect the real names of users posting comments. Google did this because of concerns about the safety of it’s S. Korean users.

Yet Google insists people use real names for its G+ service, and it has aggregated previously fragmented user data into one, by implementing a unified privacy policy.

How does Mr Brin explain the huge contradiction in his public warnings and Google’s actions in pursuit of its business objectives?

Sergey Brin’s dilemma – ZDnet

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