Dialogul zilei

Arora: “The advertising market is $500 billion worldwide and about $250 billion in the U.S. In the next five years, 50 percent of the consumption will happen through digital paths. That number is going to grow four-fold during that time.”

Arrington: “And you want to own half of it.”

Arora: “I wouldn’t say own.”

Nikesh Arora, president, Global Sales Operations and Business Development, Google
Michael Arrington, Techcrunch.com

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  1. Aurica spune:

    Techcrunch posteaza cam mult intr-un timp scurt. Era bine daca dadeai si un link direct.

  2. BlogFather spune:

    Vezi? Nu informezi corect. Arora a spus: “I wouldn’t say own 50 percent,I want 100%. ” :-)

  3. Stefan Beldie spune:

    Ei oricum fac banii mai ales din ceea ce nu detin intr-un mod clasic. E suficient sa aiba control :)

  4. orlando spune:

    BlogFather, va rog frumos sa ma scuzati :)

  5. BlogFather spune:

    Orlando,numai daca luam si noi cate 10%! :-)

  6. Gabi spune:

    citisem la tine postul asta zilele trecute, iar acum vazand filmuletul am observat ca a spus cu totul altceva.
    „I don’t want all of that. I think a lot of people in this room are goint go participate in that economy. I don’t think is gonna be us, i think everybody is gonna be there”.
    Se cam schimba sensul, nu? :)

  7. orlando spune:


    am pus sursa de unde am luat dialogul + da, everybody will be there … prin Google :)

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