Google vs agentiile media

tot despre Google, e ziua lor, urmatorul post tot despre ei va fi :) Fluture, tu poti sa ignori postul asta :)

daca va pasioneaza subiectul cititi intai articolul din NY Times si apoi ce e mai jos.

T = Tim Armstrong, cel care coordoneaza vanzarile de publicitate de la Google. Intreg materialul aici.

M: Developing a series of advertising solutions, some of them are offline (print, radio, TV). Talk about your ability cross sell.

T: We have the ability to cross-sell. Our entire customer base is the same. It’s not like we’re getting in different markets. It’s the same market. Hardly anyone buys a YouTube campaign that’s just YouTube. They buy search, and print. From a scale perspective we’re in the R&D phase, but it’s been a great endeavor because the customer base is the same.

M: Your relationship with agencies. If you solve those issues, do you still need agencies?

T: If you solve all those issues, agencies will still have a lot to do. The people who make that complaint, are the people who came to the game late. We have agencies who have been working with us for a long time, and those guys aren’t calling us „frenemies.They call us partners. Google typically deals with a small segment of a customer’s needs. But the amount of work that it takes to run campaigns today will probably only get greater. If we look in a crystal ball and ask will agencies get bigger or smaller, I think they’ll get bigger. Same with ad budgets.

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