si inca doua din … world wide

– Google testeaza targetarea dupa varsta si sex in Adwords … devine din ce in ce mai rafinat, as paria ca urmatorul pas e targetarea dupa obiceiurile de consum asa numitul behavior advertising. E funny ca Silviu si Adclick faceau asta acum cativa ani buni :)

–  desi Yahoo a refuzat oferta Microsoft si cauta solutii intr-o fuziune cu AOL (???) – dupa ce Google a dat inapoi pe propunerea de a prelua o parte din search advertisingul celor de la Yahoo –  sunt de acord cu Eduard, at the end of the day deal-ul se va realiza.

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  1. razvan spune:

    Interesant? „Two sources tell the blog that News Corp. and Yahoo are discussing some kind of transaction („or at least the appearance of one”). It’s unclear how serious the negotiations are. News Corp. has repeatedly stated that it’s not interested in buying Yahoo, so a possible deal may include News Corp. giving Yahoo MySpace or all of Fox Interactive plus cash in exchange for a major stake in the company. His estimate: News Corp. sells FIM for $6 billion (a P/E of roughly 30 times operating profit) plus another $9 billion in cash from itself and a private equity firm in exchange for a one-third equity stake in Yahoo.”

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