The strategists

But when you meet a strategist you have the opposite reaction. You listen to them and wonder how could this person be so successful.
Now the strategists did not become successful selling themselves or building alliances, nor convincing others to buy their products, they made it by making one good decision after another. They don’t make sales calls, they hire others to do that. They basically just think hard. And that process, the introspection, the deep analysis, is impossible to see in another person. The instinct to choose the right members of their team, to go to the core of complex situations, to have a powerful vision of their product, to anticipate competitors moves, that is a process that is clear to them but opaque to the world. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page belong to the second group. Highly intelligent, amazing analysts and builders, poor communicators.
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  1. Silviu spune:

    Interesant articol. Dar de ce ai ales sa citezi al doilea grup si nu primul?

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