„I want to control my destiny”

“We should first decide how much we like laying people off, because if we love it then lets stay cash flow negative, because when we don’t generate cash, the capital markets decide when we have to lay people off. In fact, we will have to listen very carefully to investors on everything because as soon as they stop liking us, we will start dying. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to live my life that way. I do not want to have to tell all of our employees that we will do what we think is right until investors tell us we have to do otherwise. I want to control my destiny.”

Ben Horowitz – Cash Flow and Destiny

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  1. George spune:

    O chestie care o invata sau ar trebui sa o invete fiecare adolescent. Parintii raman tot parinti si dupa ce te asezi pe picioarele tale, doar ca esti liber sa iei decizii singur.

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