Hello Moto!

Suficient de cool, Motorola nu-ti permite sa-ti revinzi telefonul :)

You’re not a store. You’re buying this phone for yourself or to give as a gift. We can’t let you resell it, and we take that very seriously.

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  1. Toma spune:


  2. Arhi spune:

    cat timp aparatul este proprietatea mea, e un abuz din partea lor, nu poti interzice dreptul la proprietate printr-o declaratie pe un site.

  3. orlando spune:


    cat timp softul e al lor iti pot interzice :)

  4. Dragos spune:

    Orlando, n-au cum, indiferent de situatie, e abuziva clauza :)


  5. Dragos spune:

    Un citat pentru grabiti :)

    „The exhaustion doctrine, also referred to as the first sale doctrine, is a common law patent doctrine that limits the extent to which patent holders can control an individual article of a patented product after an authorized sale. Under the doctrine, once an unrestricted, authorized sale of a patented article occurs, the patent holder’s exclusive rights to control the use and sale of that article are exhausted, and the purchaser is free to use or resell that article without further restraint from patent law”

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