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WSJ: Is Google looking at owning a wireless network?

Mr. Schmidt: I’m sure we will discuss this, but at the moment we’re busy working on wireline [Internet]. This Kansas City stuff [where Google is rolling out a high-speed fiber network] is extraordinarily exciting, and we’re focusing on that.

The current spectrum shortage [currently facing the mobile industry] is real, but it’s an artifact of a licensing and regulatory error. New technology allows there to be lots of spectrum, far more than you could use.

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Internet trends

Doua din media

1. Internetul va depasi printul (ziare + reviste) in 2015. E vorba de investitiile in publicitate.

2. Europa e singura regiune unde publicitatea va scadea anul acesta, iar anul viitor va fi la acelasi nivel cu 2012. Abia in 2014 poate aparea o crestere. De aici.

„Another game of thrones”

The tech industry has a history of bitter rivalries: IBM and Apple in the 1980s; Microsoft and Netscape in the 1990s. But the rivalries shaping the market today are even richer and more complicated, not least because they have a personal edge. Three of the big four are still run by men who made their billions as founder, or co-founder, of their empires—Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. And although Jobs no longer rules Apple, he groomed Tim Cook, his successor as chief executive. “In the modern history of technology we have never seen such a highly engaged group of chief executives and founders,” says Mary Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture-capital company.

De citit, Another game of thrones, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are at each other’s throats in all sorts of ways