De ce nu (prea) conteaza producatorii de stiri

Si conteaza mult brandul pe care-l dezvolti si credibilitatea de care se bucura (vezi Mediafax sau Ziarul Financiar):


In this category, supply is highly diversified. Content is highly substitutional. While important brands exist here, and we show a preference for many of them, the power exists in the hands of the distributor. Audience size brings increased revenue (whether ad supported or consumer paid). This content category is highly fungible. A storm-is-a-brewing because of social media, however. Many prominent writers (and ones less so) are building enormous social media brands sometimes bigger and more loyal than the audience size of the news distributors themselves.

De aici: Who Holds the Power in Media – Content or Distribution?

A, a depasit pe septembrie, in SATI, la unici lunari,, sper sa nu ma insel dar cred ca e prima oara cand se intampla. Iar top 3 siteuri pe septembrie arata astfel: 1., 2. Realitatea, (apropo si de asta)

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  1. Ciprian spune:

    Am zambit pu?in când am v?zut gâ in TOP3 SATI, felicit?ri si sa vedem cât mai multe :)

  2. orlando spune:

    Razi in loc sa-ti para bine

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