Cum a ratat Google achizitia Skype in 2009

Chan then described the climatic moment. “[Sergey] looks at me and says, ‘Why would I want this risk? We have a team capable of building the carrier, we have the users, we have hundreds of millions of Gmail users, why do we need to have Skype?’ And at that point, Sergey gets up and says, ‘This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.’ And Eric gets up and walks out of the room, and I’m like, okay, the deal’s off.” And it was.

Intreaga poveste aici.

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  1. Adrian spune:

    N-am inteles, de ce nu le convenea p2p?

  2. Gabriel spune:

    Cu atitudinea lui Sergey nu se poate face afacere!
    Cam increzult in fortele „proprii”!

  3. Bogdan spune:

    @Gabriel: Daca te numesti Sergey Brin poti sa fi si increzut din cand in cand :)

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