intra si CitiBank in planul de salvare

„Under the plan, Citigroup and the government have identified a pool of about $306 billion in troubled assets. Citigroup will absorb the first $29 billion in losses in that portfolio. After that, three government agencies – the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. – will take on any additional losses, though Citigroup could have to share a small portion of additional losses.

The plan would essentially put the government in the position of insuring a slice of Citigroup’s balance sheet. That means taxpayers will be on the hook if Citigroup’s massive portfolios of mortgage, credit cards, commercial real-estate and big corporate loans continue to sour.

In exchange for that protection, Citigroup will give the government warrants to buy shares in the company.

In addition, the Treasury Department also will inject $20 billion of fresh capital into Citigroup. That comes on top of the $25 billion infusion that Citigroup recently received as part of the the broader U.S. banking-industry bailout.

The government and Citigroup had hoped to unveil the plan early Sunday evening, but negotiations dragged on longer than expected. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson began briefing Congressional leaders about the plan later in the evening.”

din WSJ

Later update: Stirea a fost data pe Hotnews la 7.27, pe, si inca nu apare, pe a intrat la 9:10. alerta de la WSJ e venita la 6.34.

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  1. Jan spune:

    Iranul si Arabia Saudita cumpara masiv aur, mint-ul din perth suspenda vanzarea de monede (,28124,24687337-643,00.html) si change, yes we can-ul mare e ca fosta administratie clinton revine la putere:)
    Anul viitor cand va fi hiperinflatie de dolari va fi distractiv.

  2. andrey91 spune:

    criza de bani din hartie

  3. mihai spune:

    si a intrat in planul de salvare si le-a garantat FED-ul cu 300mld $ si le-au crescut actiunile cu 56% si o sa se scoata ei cumva.Din ce am inteles , George Soros a afirmat ceva de genul ca FED ar trebui sa mai intervina cu 600mld $ ca sa anuleze ceva din criza?pai ce deflatie o sa fie…

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